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Why choose us for your lashes?

  • We use strongest glue on the market
  • We have 35 types in stock
  • 8 years experience
  • You are given the option of how you want to look 

Lash extensions appointments are with Sarah. A patch test is required before making your appointment. This is for your own safety to ensure you are not allergic to the glue. 

Patch test required for all lashes regardless if you had them done before

Express lash extensions

Applied in 35 minutes - individual lash extensions that are removed after 2 weeks. Price includes removal £35

1d eyelash extensions - 1 lash per eyelash applied 

1 hour £32

90 minutes £45

Minx lash extensions - softer and lighter lashes - 2d,3d and 4d lashes are very fine and do not cause any breakage or damage to the natural lashes. These are called Russian volume lashes.

Please call me if you would like a Mink lash appointment. We also have a salon in Wimborne. This is the website link www.divabeautywimborne.com

Telephone 07795670522

1d - 1 lash per eyelash applied

1.5 hours £50

2d - 2 single lashes applied to each lash


3d - 3 single lashes applied to each lash


4d lash extensions - 4 lashes applied to each lash (these are not cluster lashes)


Express lashes

£35 - lashes for 2-3 weeks - individual lashes

Below 4 d lash extensions